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320D fault codes

Hi all,

Enkumies living in Rovaniemi here! Looking for help with my E91 320D 2009 model, automatic.

I had some problems with the battery in cold weather, which I haven't replaced yet, so that may be confusing things further....

I treated myself to a Carly and found the following fault codes:

00452A Info Particulate System - I have 55 grams of ash and the regens seem to work OK insofar as when I force a regen, I can see the soot mass reducing. I have never been able to find out how much ash makes the DPF full, but Carly says 100 grams. Anybody know for sure?

0040E9 Abgasrueckfuehrsteller, position control.

004B81 Abgasrueckfuehrrtan control, control deviatio

0041B1C fuel filter heater, control.

00A8C3 and 00A8B7 - these both relate to lighting and I've checked my lights - they are all OK, so I guess it's to do with the battery being on its last legs.

From what I understand, DPF fault codes aren't always accurate and other parts may need replacing - eg. EGR valve.

I know these are very common fault codes that have been discussed many times on other forums, but I'd still very much appreciate any assistance in rectifying them. I'm a fairly competent home mechanic, so, I can have a go at most stuff. Alternatively, if someone can point me at an expert who knows this engine, that would be great also.

Many thanks in advance,

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I suggest you get a new battery and use carly to tell your car that its been changed. After that clear all faultcodes. I think that should cure most problems.
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Hi Antti,

Thanks for the reply.

Hi all,

Finally got around to investigating this a little bit.

I found a large-ish diameter pipe coming off the back of the air filter which is about 75mm long and goes to nowhere!

I also found that the pipe coming from the intercooler is slightly loose where it connects to the throttle housing/plenum [don't know what you call it on a diesel!!]

See video https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?c...Fsd5kWKJSnSV2y

I checked all pipes and couldn't find anything loose.

Took it out and did a forced regen.

Soot at start of regen was 6. It went down to just under 1 and then suddenly jumped back up to 5-ish.

So, did another regen and the same thing happened.

This leads me to believe the problem is NOT the DPF, but lies elsewhere.

Finally, the cutting out problem seems to have gone away...................

Any suggestions?

EGR thermostat?

EGR valve?

I really will get that battery changed in the next few days!

Many thanks in advance!
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