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Info for those who sell things in this forum ! !

.. somebody should translate the rules of selling cars and other shit. Maybe it isn't clear for everyone how to sell stuff on this forum. There are cars for sale in estonia and some other countys too so I think it would be cool.

Everyone can't speak finnish you know? I think it is up to those who have made those rules to tell them also in english.
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So, i had some extra time and skill...

And may i present you, the translated rules!

Moderators, now it's up to you. I have no rights to add these .

Tutorial: How do i create a classified in different categories? READ!

Common instructions, which apply to every "for-sale" -category:

-Remember to create a sensible headline. It should tell everybody what you are selling.

Message itself should have an accurate description, so the readers shouldn't have to inquire for additional information. Usually images tell more than thousand words.

-Remember to tell the location of the item for sale.

-Price changes / inserting more images etc. changes are made by editing the classified. Every information and image should be well visible.

IE. Tires and wheels:

-When you are selling tires and wheels, state the information of them CLEARLY in the headline.

-Wheels have lots of measurable properties, most important of them are the size and the lug pattern.
Usually the buyer needs other information of them, like: the width of the wheel, offset and size of the middle hole.
If you don't know those things, at least tell the make and model of the car where the wheels are from.
This applies to every classified.

-About tires. State clearly the size of them. Also state the condition and if there is any abnormal wear.

Only the creator of classified can reply the thread. Replying is allowed once in two (2) weeks. Replying also lifts up the thread.
Every contacts are made outside of the classified by private messages, e-mail, phone etc. REMEMBER TO GIVE OUT YOUR CONTACT DETAILS!

The only exception of this rule is the "Tallin tyhjennykset / Purkuautot" (Garage emptying / Salvage cars) -category.
Buyers can ask questions and seller can answer them. Every means of lifting the thread by purpose is forbidden. This is strictly enforced!

"Tallin tyhjennykset / Purkuautot" (Garage emptying / Salvage cars) -category is meant for classifieds with six (6) or more articles in same classified. This applies also to mass sale of one product, ie. power-chips, bushings and other products, which are made due request.

TIP: If you receive a lot of same questions, you should add the answers to the classified.

-Classifieds breaking these rules will be removed without notice!

Remember to read this info again time-to-time, there may be little updates. If there is something that bothers you, ask!
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Just to help desiding:
Yritykset = Company advertisement
Myydään autot = Cars for sale
Myydään osat ja tarvikkeet = Parts and accessories for sale
Myydään renkaat ja vanteet = Tyres and rims for sale
Myydään auto hi-fi = Sound systems for sale
Myydään sekalaista = Miscellaneous for sale
Tallin tyhjennys / Purkuautot = Garage emptying / Salvage cars
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