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ilyas14141 15-01-2021 16:01

320d 2013 Sporty look
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Hello everyone,

I Just bought a 320d, 2.0, 2013 in Black color. This is my first car.
I want to give it a sporty look, (Not in performance but just in looks).
Anyone have any recommendations/tips on modifying it to a sporty look?
Looking for the necessary parts/upgrades/accessories and color recommendations.


Dualfun 20-01-2021 15:43

Welcome to the forums! And good luck with your 1st car, that a great one to start off with!

I would personally go for a few very simple tricks:

- Black kidney grills
- Replace silver bumper trim with black
- Mild spoiler
- 2 pipe exhaust end, incl. exchanging the lower trim panel to a 2 pipe one

Guess these would make a ton of difference on the outskirt with only little money and effort.

Check example , they have some good tips for you, and if you want to play simple let them do the modifications for you. :)

Lördagskorv 19-02-2021 00:50

Welcome to the forum :jep:

All the things that Dualfun said are very nice upgrades.

I would also add some mild tint to the rear windows. They add privacy (if needed) but most importantly they make the car look a little sportier.

Concider bigger wheels too.
18 inch wheels or 19 inch weels with lowering springs.

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